USA Pleione source and hybridization prospect

Paul Cumbleton
Fri, 03 Feb 2006 13:52:28 PST
On my Pleione Website at I list all the suppliers that I am
aware of around the world, but the one source I know of in the USA has not
been added yet as I'm having some problems updating the site at pesent.
Dick Cavender of Red's Rhodies sold his Pleione business to Sean McMillen:
Contact by email:  or phone: 503-638-0985. His mail
address: 1600 SW Borland RD, West Linn,OR,USA 97068. Sean is developing a
website which will be at

I would be very interested to try crossing a Pleione with Arethusa bulbosa.
To date, only one bi-generic hybrid is known with Pleione, and that is with
Bletilla (the offspring being called Pleionilla). Several attempts have been
made to cross Pleiones and Coelogynes but with no success - once offspring
were forthcoming but these seemed likely to be haploid Pleione and not a
hybrid. I would be happy to try using a  P. scopulorum as seed parent if
pollen of the Arethusa could be made available to me- though P. scopulorum
is one of the trickier Pleiones to grow, while P. hookeriana I find almost
impossible in cultivation. Perhpas a more vigorous species would be

Paul Cumbleton
Zone 8

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