Hippeastrum seeds and light

Darren Sage darrensage100@hotmail.com
Thu, 16 Feb 2006 14:50:45 PST
Thank you.

How deep can they be planted?

I intend to grow then outside, where we have current temperatures of 15-25 C 

Kind regards

(L Paz, Mexico)

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>Hi Darren:
>You can germinate hippeastrums in the dark.
>This is even advantageous because then the substrate dries out more slowly.
>However when the first seedlings show up with leaves 1 cm long  then it is
>high time to apply natural light or artificial light from fluorescent tubes
>or high pressure metal halide discharge lamps, the area related electric
>installation power being in the magnitude of 200 Watts / square meter.
>I recommend "only" 22 to 25°C indoors.
>That is enough in order to envoke full growth speed.
>Higher temperatures means a shift of the light/temperature ratio indoors to
>a critical lower level and might provoke a more elongated, unstable, 
>spillery growth.
>For the same reason there might be some advantage to reduce the night
>temperature.  For energy saving reasons (I admit), but with this in mind
>too, I reduce the air temperature to 20-22°C at night.
>There is another point of view associated with these recommendations which
>might become relevant - much later: You disadvantage those seedlings
>individuals which have a higher or particularly high temperature demand.
>For my part I never want to keep such capricious seedlings. These should 
>be thrown away when the moment has come to select and  replant the
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> >Subject: [pbs] Hippeastrum seeds and light
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> >
> >I have been making my first crosses and have just harvested my first 
> >today.
> >
> >Is light needed for germination?  What tempertures are recommended?  
> >are crosses from large flowered hybrids.
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