February flowers

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Sat, 04 Feb 2006 07:07:13 PST
The greenhouse display  bench is a riot of color at this time of the year: 
Carmine red Romulea  amoena, Orange Crocus vitellinus ex Turkey, Chrome 
yellow  Narcissus  bulbicodium ex Morocco (sturdy flowers are well over an inch/2.5 
cm wide on 5  inch/12.5 cm stems), pale yellow Babiana vanzyliae, Tecophilia 
cyanocrocus  leitchlinii, Crocus pestalozzae var. caeruleus, abantensis and  
fleischerii, Babiana truncata,  Lapeirousia oreogena  and pale blue plicata 
(say ten times fast), pink  Onixotis stricta and dainty white  Hesperantha 
bachmanii.  Lachenalia attenuata, concordiana,  pustulata, maximiliara, splendida 
(and it is), mutabilis (another good one)  elegans var flava (nice plant), 
bulbifera (must have) and aloides var.  quadricolor (another must have although all 
the aloides are more than  worthwhile). 
Outside it is a tad  too soon for the earliest bulbs but that is more than 
made up for by the  recalcitrant seed pots that germinate and the new seeds that 
arrive in the  mail.
Mark Mazer
Intarsia Ltd.
Gaylordsville, Connecticut  06755-0142

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