New species of Calydorea

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 28 Feb 2006 12:03:06 PST
Dear All,

Germán has added information about the new species of Calydorea, Calydorea 
alba, that he and Alberto have published to the wiki Calydorea page:…

I have also linked to the pdf file on our wiki page for this publication 
information on Calydorea alba in case you want to download it. It can also 
be found on Germán's web site:
It is in English. He and Alberto are very generous to share this 
information with the world as most of us do not subscribe to the 
publications where you can find out about new species or revisions. 
Germán  has a lot of pictures of orchids on his site for the orchid lovers 
in our group.

I looked up some of the Calydorea species as I was adding to that page and 
they have had many different names and switched from genus to genus. What a 
challenge for growers to keep them straight. It turns out the reason 
Calydorea coelestina is called Betram's Ixia is because one name for it, if 
not its first name, was Ixia coelestina and Betram published that name. 
This plant also been called Salpingostylis coelestina  and Sphenostigma 
coelestinum.  Are some of these name changes associated with Ravenna and 
therefore not always accepted?

Mary Sue

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