Weldenia candida

Alberto Grossi crinum@libero.it
Thu, 09 Feb 2006 21:59:57 PST
The second specie is Weldenia schultesii. There has been published a W. candida f. caerulea, too.
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Subject : [pbs] Weldenia candida

> Weldenia is not a monotypic genus because there are TWO species of
> Weldenia.  The one that is more commonly available is Weldenia candida.  I
> forget what the other species is called, but I will look it up.  The other
> species grows only near the Guatemala/Mexico border.  If you need
> cultivation information I can probably help you out.   I'll wager I'm the
> only person on this list who has seen the plant growing in its natural
> environment.  (I'm the guy who made the wiki page for Weldenia.)  What kind
> of info do you need?
> -Dennis
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