Payback time?

Linda Foulis
Fri, 17 Feb 2006 10:22:33 PST
I so agree Jim.  We've had such an incredibly mild winter to date.
Until this week!

Yesterday, -25C, -10F   Wind-chill -35C
Today, somewhat balmier, -20C, +2F    No wind-chill    (Those are daytime

This is normal Canadian winter, (finally) however we usually have a good
snow cover to protect all the plants.  We have just barely a skiff of snow
and I fear this will spell death for many plants in the garden.  I had put
down several inches of mulch but it's all blown off and there is nothing to
replace it that is not frozen!  Oh well.  I won't be able to learn the sad
fate of many of my plants for some time yet.

All of the bulbs in the yard, most of those I'm not too worried about,
they're buried deep.  I'm not sure how all the seeds in the cold frame will
come through either, I was really counting on a couple feet of snow on top
of it.

I still have hippeastrum blooming to get me through the cold and a new book.
Hippeastrum the Gardener's Amaryllis by Veronica M. Read.

Stay warm all.

Linda Foulis
Okotoks, AB
Canada     Zone 3a
Where a clear blue sky can be very deceiving!

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