Paul Cumbleton paul@pleione9.wanadoo.co.uk
Wed, 08 Feb 2006 10:59:22 PST
Hi Hans,
We grow Weldenia at RHS Wisley (where I work). We have several pots, all
originating from one original specimen that has been divided, or root
cutting taken, over the years ( a task best done in the autumn just after
the leaves have died down). We use a mix of equal parts of loam, peat,
perlite and grit - very good drainage is the key. We keep the plants in an
unheated alpine house where they are not watered in the winter and then
watered reasonably freely once the leaves appear and until they start to die
down in autumn. We find they do well in quite large pots, 10 or 12 inches in
diameter, which you need to accommodate the large tuberous roots once the
plants reach maturity. Give them full sun and they should reward you with a
good display of their beautiful, pristine - almost glowing - white flowers
which have bright yellow stamens. The flowers tend to open properly only in
bright sunlight, but I forgive them that because when they do they are such
a stunning sight!

Paul Cumbleton
Berkshire, UK
Zone 8

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