Crinum hybrid 'Marcelle Sheppard'
Fri, 24 Feb 2006 15:54:12 PST
Hi Gang,

I think this new Crinum that is named for Marcelle Sheppard is a great new 
addition.  It was created by Roy Works, a colleague and friend of Marcelle.  Mr. 
Works and Marcelle have used some of each other's plants in their breeding 
programs; in this case Mr. Works used the Rose City Crinum Scabrum type plants 
as one of the parents.  For the other parent he used Crinum oliganthum, the 
small Crinum from the Americas.

Just like 'Bayou Traveler' the result is midway in stature between a "big" 
Crinum and the diminutive C. oliganthum 'West Indies Mini'.  

After sorting through the progeny, Mr. Works chose a single clone to 
propagate.  This past winter he has officially named it 'Marcelle Sheppard' in honor 
of his friend.  

The nice thing about Crinum X 'Marcelle Sheppard' is that is works well in 
places where many Crinum would be too large.  Additionally, it seems tough as 
nails for Mr. Works.  I hope that more people grow this plant over the years and 
find uses for it at the front of the border, or in containers, or perhaps in 
greenhouses as a winter bloomer (will it bloom in winter?)

LINK:  Crinum X ‘Marcelle Sheppard’… 


Conroe Joe

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