Peculiar Bloom Season

James Waddick
Tue, 14 Feb 2006 08:02:09 PST
Dear All;
	Normally I can count on few bulbs to bloom before the end of 
January, but with the warmest  Jan on record, or at least for the 
last 60 years, bulbs are putting up more growth than usual.

	Before February (and Ponxatawney Phil) showed up,  I had 
Narcissus 'Rynfeld's Early Sensation', Crocus sieberi ('Firefly', 
'Hubert Edelstein' and 'Bowles White'), Crocus ancyrensis, Cyclamen 
coum, Eranthis cilicica in bloom as well as non-bulbous -Adonis 
amurensis, Helleborus xhybridus all showing at least a few early 

	Up and looking excellent Iris (Juno) magnifica and aucheri 
and Narcissus "Campernelle' with foliage looking totally undamaged 
(unusual here).

	I won't detail the exceptionally early swelling buds on 
various other Daffodils, Peonies, shrubs etc. Winter is barely 1/2 
here (or half gone depending on your level of pessimism) and too many 
plants are blooming. This is almost always a portend of severe plant 
damage. Today's forecast is mid-to upper 60s (F) and then plunge to 
single digits (F) by the weekend. If this happens we will have bud, 
leaf and flower kill in many plants. In recent past repeats, we have 
had daffodils killed to the ground with flower stems up 6 inches. The 
foliage and flower stems were killed totally. The bulbs survived, 
skipped a year and are look fine, now.

	Oh the joys of living on the edge of the prairie were 
mid-winter winds can blow from the south OR the north and bring both 
extremes within hours.

	Just venting.		Best	Jim W.

Dr. James W. Waddick
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	Summer 100F +

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