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Tue, 21 Feb 2006 23:34:47 PST
Hello Bulb World,

I am Giorgio from north of Italy, 55 years,
flower enthusiast  especially aroids and particularly Arisaema, I 
collect them and try to grow new plants and varieties from seed,

I have some tuberlets grown from last year sowing, if someone is 
interested in trading young Arisaema tubers this is the list of my 
available tuberlets:

A. Candidissimum
A. Consanguineum
A. Flavum abbreviatum
A. Ciliatum
A. Ciliatum Liubaense

and also:

Pinellia Pedatisecta
Amorphophallus Konjak.

If someone has Arisaema seeds in excess possible a trade for them also, 
i am looking for seeds of A. Taiwanense, Ringens,Sikokianum,Amurense.

Thanks  and

Happy growing...

Giorgio Pozzi

North Italy
zone 6/7  ( today rainy 3° )

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