USA Pleione source and hybridization prospect

Matt Mattus
Wed, 01 Feb 2006 16:52:05 PST
I know that Red Rhodies no longer carries Pleione, and that he had sold them
off the collection to someone else. Perhaps others can add to this, I just
remember his note announcing that he will no longer carry on with Pleione.

I am not aware of anyone selling Pleione in the States, but I do know that
Thimble Farms in British Columbia carry's a decent selection and that they
ship to the U.S. 

Also, you can try Pottertons in the UK or Paul Christian, but the prices are
much higher, as well as the CIES certificate costs.

If anyone does know of sources in the States, please let me know too!

Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA
USDA Zone 5B

On 2/1/06 7:22 PM, "" <>

> Does anyone know a good mail-order source in the USA for Pleione? I'm
> specifically looking for Pleione hookeriana and scopulorum, the latest in the
> season to bloom. According to Cribb their seeds resemble those of Bletilla (in
> the subtribe Arethusineae). Anyone know if Dick Cavender of Red's Rhodies is
> still in business?


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