lilium ID

Terry Frewin
Tue, 31 Jan 2006 01:17:16 PST
Can someone help me sort out names for some liliums I have grown from seed - given to me as L. phillipinense & the  Formosan lily.  One type flowered here in NE Vic in late December - early January, very tall 5-6', pure white - perhaps this would be L. longiflorum, or formosanum (are they the same or very closely related?) and the other is starting to flower now early Feb, and has a v. long narrow tube, reflexing at the very end of the flower, they are either pure white or white with a pink reverse.  Would love some help to sort these out.  Have had a look at photos of 'longiflorum' on the wiki and it looks the same as the first one, but not sure if flowering times fit?  also the late flowering one i have could be 'formosanum var priceii'  - maybe?  mine is around 2 - 3' in pots,

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