Global Warming was Rain Fall

Alberto Castillo
Mon, 09 Jan 2006 06:40:33 PST
Dave Karn wrote:
"There is a great deal of argument today about just what is going on with 
>climate.  There can be no question that it is getting warmer (ever since 
>Industrial Age) and that CO2 and other "greenhouse" gases have increased in 
>atmosphere.  Whether this increase is a recurring phenomenon and has little
>to do with the burning of fossil fuels is still being debated."

    Of course as Pietr has pointed out, this is not OT as the ultimate 
question is what will happen with our bulbs in the wild and in our 
    It may be coincidence but last night there was National Geographic 
Society program showing the effects of the melting down of the North Pole 
and Greenland ice and the cold water moving south have the potential to stop 
the Gulf Current from reaching Europe and thus provoking an Ice Age.
There is evidence in ancient sources that the classic world was colder (for 
instance, how could they produce beer in Egypt?, changes of topography, 
etc.). Of course there were no potatoes in that period.
   After this hot dry 2005 I am most alarmed at the performance of our irids 
in cultivation as mentioned in my previous one. No doubt wild plants, 
subject to more severe stress, must have responded likewise.
All the best

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