Iris cristata

Jane McGary
Fri, 13 Jan 2006 10:43:53 PST
The cover subject for the spring 2006 issue of the Rock Garden Quarterly 
will be Iris cristata. I searched the archives for an appropriate article 
to reprint and found nothing except a 1982 piece by Roy Davidson, which is 
mostly devoted to comparing the species with other crested irises.

Would someone like to write up a current view of Iris cristata, with 
mention of the cultivars now available? Davidson mentions 'White Pearl', 
'McDonald', 'Millard', 'Whisper', 'Crested Ivory', 'Skylands', 'Crested 
Fairy', 'Gold Crest', and "Abbeys Violet' as having been grown. I remember 
seeing the last named. Are any of the others still in gardens? Are there 
new ones now in commerce?

Perhaps one of you can write about these, or direct me to someone who can?

Thanks much,
Jane McGary
Editor, NARGS

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