OT: Horticulturalist/Horticulturist

Brook Klehm bklehm@comcast.net
Wed, 18 Jan 2006 15:42:44 PST
Hello All,
	I am on the horns of a dilemma.  This inquiring mind is dying to know: 
do you use or prefer the term, "horticulturalist" or "horticulturist"?  
Or do you just call yourself a plants person and be done with it?
	After searching on the internet, both terms are in use and have been 
for over a hundred years.  There was a publication called "The 
Horticulturalist" with copies that go back to 1859.  A wonderful quote 
was, "The World Horticulturalist is not to be trifled with!"  However, 
my spellcheck,  Webster's Collegiate and American Heritage dictionaries 
don't include the word.  They offer "horticulturist".   It appears that 
the first term is more in use in England, while the second is in use in 
the US.  I had never heard the term horticulturist prior to today.  
When considering the word, however, it makes more sense than 
horticulturalist.  After all, I'm engaged in the field of horticulture 
rather than the field of horticultural.  Yes?  No? Opinions?
	I  came across this question while preparing my resume and now I won't 
sleep till I know more!

Brook Klehm

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