Osmani Baullosa
Thu, 19 Jan 2006 10:23:34 PST
          Dear Dave, and all,

  Some forum members have asked to me the same question. My site has been down for several hours, which I took to upload a more COMPLETE INFORMATION about the species, including germination and growing tips, hardiness, habitat, etc... Only the available species (seeds) are there now:
  The renovated site also includes the prices, which are dramatically lower now in most of the cases. And all the details if you are interested in obtaining any of these species. In this case, please write to me privately to
  Some species previously listed on my site are temporarily out. If they become available, I will post the pictures again, along with the related information.
  Laura & Dave <> wrote:
  Hi Osmani
I tried to access your website at:
and got a message that the URL was not found at that server. Have you changed 
sites, or is it just broken.


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