Rhodophiala - after germination

Osmani Baullosa osmani_baullosa@yahoo.com
Sun, 08 Jan 2006 08:06:03 PST
Hello Paul, and all
  Both species come from coastal zones, and grow at an average winter temperatures of 7-12ºC, on sandy soils, apparently very infertile. However I grow them at home, where winter average temperatures are lower: 2-5ºC. When eventual frosts occur, as I keep them in pots, don't take risks, but bring the pots indoors. I've notticed that R. advena is more resistant to (light: -1ºC) frosts than R. bagnoldii. 
  There is something very important you should remember: not all these seeds germinate at the same time, even being of the same species, even being fresh and collected at the same moment. When you said "several started to germinate and then I planted them", for a moment I was afraid that, when the first seeds sprouted and the others don't, you throwed these others.
  If you have any other question or doubt, don't hesitate to ask...
Paul Cumbleton <paul@cumbleton.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
  Hi Everyone,
I have no experience with Rhodophiala but recently got seed from Osmani
Ballosa. These were R. bagnoldii and R. advena. Following the advice on his
website I soaked these in water at 15 centigrade for 3 days. Several seeds
started to germinate and I then planted them. My question is, what
temperature should I now keep these at? They are winter growers and 15
centigrade seems rather warm. Does anyone have experience of growing these
on after germination?
Thanks in anticipation..

Paul Cumbleton
Berkshire, U.K.
Zone 8

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