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Terry Hernstrom gardenersview@earthlink.net
Tue, 24 Jan 2006 15:00:42 PST
This talk is all hypothetical rubbish, and frankly its getting a little
tiresome. In my youth, the 1960's, Erlich and his ilk were predicting a new
ice age and we were all going to freeze to death. Global models are changing
on a daily basis. There is no consensus no matter how loud extremists
holler. What if, just what if the sun is getting hotter and ready to
explode??? Not much we can do about that is there? In the meantime I'm going
appreciate the warm winters and get to grow those exotic crinims, eucharis,

A Pimm Cup to all,

Terence Hernstrom

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I heard a talk by an environmental scientist from the Commonwealth
Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) recently who explained
succinctly what we're up against in environmental warming:

The atmosphere is getting warmer.  Therefore, it can hold more water vapour.
Consequently there'll be longer intervals between rain.  And when it does
rain, it'll be a deluge.  We'll have greater extremes in weather.

Many species of plants & animals will become extinct as they will be unable
to adapt to a warmer climate of even a couple of degrees.  There will be an
increase in environmental weeds and pest animals/insects as mice,
mosquitoes, rats, ants, cockroaches etc adapt very quickly.  In short chaps,
the future generations can look forward to a depleted world with lots of
rubbishy plants & animals with diseases like malaria occurring in places
like Italy.

The Netherlands has said that if sea levels continue to rise as they have
been doing over the last 25 years, then the whole of their country will be
under water within 20 years as they do not have the technology to keep the
sea back.  New Zealand is giving refuge already to some Pacific Islanders
whose low lying islands are being submerged.

When a European environmentalist was asked what he would do if the sea level
continued to rise at the present rate, he replied 'move to the Alps'.


Geoff in Sub-tropical North Eastern NSW, Australia in flood last week, 33C &
sunny today & with more than 50% environmental weed on his 2 hectare
property & trouble with ants.
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