Crinum Jumbo x Rose City Schoolhouse
Mon, 30 Jan 2006 16:26:59 PST
Hi Gang,

This cross produced some beautiful flowers.  I'm not exactly sure which Jumbo 
was the pod parent, but the progeny were similar.  All are striped and have 
very strong colors--the color of red wine but with more purple.  The plants are 
different in appearance from C. scabrum or C. bulbispermum; they have 
glaucous dark green leave, but the glaucous effect is minimized and the dark green is 
the prominent look.  

Marcelle is still evaluating these plants and has not selected any for 
distribution.  Perhaps backcrosses will yield even more beautiful shapes or colors.  

LINK:  Jumbo x Rose City Schoolhouse…  

LINK:  C. bulbispermum Jumbos… 

LINK:  C. scabrum Rose City Schoolhouse… 


Conroe Joe

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