Ipomoea aquatica and others

piaba piabinha@yahoo.com
Mon, 30 Jan 2006 12:56:13 PST
as others have noted, Ipomoea aquatica is a vegetable
known as water spinach in asian cuisines, it's
distinctive due to its hollow stems.  it's quite good
sauteed in a chili/brown sauce, or simply with garlic.
 also known as kangkung or kangkong, which i'm not
sure if it's cantonese or hokkien.  i believe it has
small white morning-glory flowers.  i don't know if it
has a tuber or thick stems.

years ago, i posted an inquiry in the aquatic-plant
list (a list for those that grow plants in aquaria)
about whether people grew these in open-ended aquaria.
 it's a large plant so i can't imagine the casual
fishkeeper growing this, i'd think you'd need large
open tanks with high light, just like with water
lilies (Nymphaeas).  well, to my surprise i got no
responses except from the government.  someone from
the USDA wrote me to tell me that such plant is an
invasive pest and that owning it would put me at risk
of fines and other penalties!  it was obviously a form
letter, but i thought it was too funny, if somewhat
scary, that they were monitoring the list for verboten

so if any gov't agency is monitoring this list, please
note: i do not have any of this plant at my house, nor
Cannabis, nor sichuan peppercorns, nor kudzu, nor have
i ever been a member of the nazi or communist

tsuh yang

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