Further-- on predator urine repellents for small mammals. Source

Adam Fikso irisman@ameritech.net
Sun, 01 Jan 2006 11:22:17 PST
The old-time Shumway's garden catalog I got the other day-- lists coyote, 
fox, and bobcat urine @ $13.75/ 8 oz. together with 30-day dispensers @ 
$1.60 ea. I have not checked to see if Cabela or an outdoor outfitter might 
have different prices and quantities.   Shumway has been in business in the 
midwest since the middle 1800s.  If they say something works...it likely 
does.    Their catalog on line is at http://www.rhshumway.com/  the  urines are 
listed under the heading of GARDEN SUPPLIES, then under PEST CONTROL , and 
then under REPELLENTS.

They also suggest using ricinus (castor bean plants)  interplanted with your 
favorites to discourage  moles, etc.

Personally, I'd put a drop or two about every 15-20 square feet in a garden 
bed to see how it worked.    And, I'd try coyote and fox urine before that 
of other predators, just because our current population of bobcats 
nationwide is so scarce that  most voles, moles, mice and squirrels are not 
likely to have learned about them.

Also, coyotes and foxes  have been predators of most small animals for a few 
thousand years, now, and the information about avoiding them is likely to be 
hard-wired into their brains.   I think that any successes would be worth 
reporting on.    I also note that squirrels and chipmunks here, only dig up 
my newly-planted crocus bulbs before they've gotten roots--when they still 
smell like stored starch and don't have their other chemistry established as 
a result of growing.

Regards to all and happy new year.     Adam  Fikso in Glenview-- Further 
Zone 5a (Chicago area) 

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