John Grimshaw
Sun, 08 Jan 2006 11:10:41 PST
I asked my friend Eric Knox, Director of the University of Indiana Herbarium
and world authority on Lobelia and its relatives, about this mysterious
Siphilantha. He replies:

The picture looks like a Centropogon, which is one of the segregate
genera closely related to Burmeistera and Siphocampylus; all three
derived out of Lobelia.  I have never heard of Syphilantha (but I
will double check), and I assume that it is a bad approximation  of
Siphocampylus.  Half the Lobeliaceae (650 spp.) are in this
C[entropogon]B[urmeistera]S[iphocampylus] [JMG brackets]
clade, the radiation presumably based on the coevolution with
neotropical hummingbirds.

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> This is a gorgeous plant, so I just placed an order for one.  But I can't
> turn up any info (not even on Google) for the genus Syphilantha.  What is
> that?  I figure if anyone will know it'll be you PBSers.  :-)
> Dennis in Cincy
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