Calochortus invenustus in Nevada?

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 25 Jan 2006 20:31:19 PST

This list gets a fair amount of spam and sob stories/contest ruses and 
viruses which we administrators delete. We also get a lot of requests for 
help with information about something that has been discussed on our list 
and found from Google. If we know the answer we respond or if we can think 
of someone who might know then forward the question to that person. 
Otherwise we suggest the non member join our list and asks the question. 
Most of the time we never hear from those people again, but a few of our 
members have joined that way.

I'm making an exception this time because I am a Calochortus fan. I guess 
that is administrator privilege. There are two people currently working on 
a book on Calochortus that I am aware of and I'm a good candidate for 
buying both of them. One of them sent this non-member question to our list. 
If anyone knows the answer please contact Brad Carter. His email address is 
bradcarter at His message is below.

Mary Sue


I have heard that C. invenustus grows in the Bodie Hills in Nevada.  Can 
anyone confirm seeing it there?

Brad Carter  

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