Aquatic Crinum
Sat, 21 Jan 2006 20:13:31 PST
Hi Gang,

J. Schulze described Crinum thaianum in the early- or mid-1970s (Plant Life, 
The Amer. Plant Life Soc. [H. Traub &H. Moldenke, eds.] 27:33-42).  He 
described it as a completely aquatic, Crinum species from Thailand.  Since that time 
it has been used as a water plant by aquarium enthusiasts.  

He also mentioned three other fully aquatic Crinum species from Africa (2 
species) and the Americas (1 species).  Crinum natans seems to be another aquatic 
Crinum, but I have not sorted out the differences and names yet.  

Question:  Do these relatives of garden Crinum survive a few days out of 
water, or must they be submerged essentially all the time?

Question:  Does anyone grow these for flower?


Conroe Joe

LINK:  C. thaianum info and photos 

LINK:  C. natans photos 

LINK:  C. natans, C. calamistratum, C. purperascens photos… 

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