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Dell Sherk
Thu, 12 Jan 2006 03:42:27 PST

I think that when they first started Priority Mail, they "guaranteed" three
day delivery, but now the say "usually arrives in three days."  Who knows?


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Hi Gang,

Two points:

1.  I think the last 2 Lycoris deliveries will go out tomorrow.  So, if you 
don't have a delivery by Monday or so, let me know and I'll make it right.

2.  From all the notes I've received, I've determined that a Priority Mail 
stamp means delivery within 2-6 days.    One week I dropped off packages at
mailroom on Monday, and folks received their bulbs Friday or Saturday.  The 
mail room takes the items to the local Post Office every day around 4:30
So, the Post Office would have items before the late pickup.  

When I send a first class letter to a nearby town, it is typically delivered

the next day (even Dallas, about 200 miles away).  But, it takes from Monday

night till Friday or Saturday for many Priority Mail deliveries.  

Maybe things have been slowed down for US postal deliveries since 9-11.  Or 
maybe it has always taken about 4-6 days to deliver a Priority Mail package 
across country.  


Conroe Joe
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