Pasteur born after the Napoleonic Wars; was RE: OT? Global Warming

Hilary Nightingale
Tue, 10 Jan 2006 02:46:40 PST
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> Napoleon III couldn't have come up with the idea of asking Pasteur on his
> own. Must have been an advisor. N III, the old goat, was busy making love
> keep the world sparkling.

I've read that Napoleon III, apart from loving his fellow women, also showed
his love for his fellow man in the sense that he was a philanthropist and
actually very socially aware. He instigated the planting of pines across the
vast and very poor area known as les Landes in SW France, founding a rich
and successful forestry industry which halted the exodus from the area and
still thrives today.
He also, apparently, was instrumental in the layout of Paris as we know it

I've been hunting for the link to the article that I read a while ago (in
French), but unfortunately have been unable to find it as yet.
There is also a society who maintain that N III was much maligned and feel
that he was much undervalued and misunderstood as he had ideas of democracy
etc far ahead of his time....

Hilary Nightingale in SUNNY Gascony, SW France (this is the first sun we
have seen for days - or should that be weeks......?)

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