geophyte predators
Sun, 01 Jan 2006 10:23:43 PST
Hi Gang,

I have the luxury of living adjacent to a forest and a meadow that is rich 
with animals.  For now, the squirrels are kept in check by rat snakes, water 
moccasins, and a few other snakes.  The moles are pretty durable, especially in 
my sandy soil, I have no idea if they eat bulbs or insects, but so far they 
have not harmed any plants.  Additionally, I grow many bulbs in tubs and so out 
of reach from the moles.

This part of Texas (in fact, much of the Southeast USA) is plagued by feral 
pigs.  They can tear up a lawn and garden overnight as they hunt for tasty 
roots, mushrooms and (I think) even moles.  So far they have not visited my 
immediate area.  If they do there is a thriving business in catch 'em alive pig 


Conroe Joe
80 F today, humid but will be sunny
Darlow's Enigma Rose is blooming well on this first day of the year

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