Wilford book on tulips

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Sun, 01 Jan 2006 15:53:40 PST
I have just received a review copy of "Tulips: Species and hybrids for the 
gardener" by Richard Wilford (Timber Press, 2006; ISBN 978-0-88192-763-4; 

I'm only up to the species descriptions, which are the heart of the book 
(there is only one chapter on garden hybrids), and I'm very glad indeed 
that Wilford has written this book. It was sorely needed. I'm sure most PBS 
members will want a copy. (You can get Timber press books at a discount if 
you are a NARGS member and order them through the Book Service, by the way.)

Wilford states clearly that this is NOT a taxonomic treatment of the genus 
and takes time to explain points on which authorities disagree, and to 
discuss the general difficulties of classifying wild tulips. However, his 
species descriptions are based on both a thorough knowledge of the 
literature and first-hand experience with the plants, both in the wild and 
at Kew, where he has recently taken up the management of the bulb 
collection on the retirement of Tony Hall.

I had the pleasure of seeing Kew's tulip collection in flower last spring 
and listening in as Hall, Wilford, and Brian Mathew discussed some of the 
unusual forms that had cropped up. I'm sure the collection will go from 
strength to strength under Wilford's care.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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