global warming records and climate

Adam Fikso
Tue, 17 Jan 2006 11:05:40 PST
Steve?  re global warming   It's true that we have written records only 
going back a few hundred years .  but the records go back about 200,000 
years in the form of polar ice cores, from which it has been possible to 
measure levels of CO2, methane, oxygen, etc.   This is the basis for the 
information about global warming, and man's contribution to it.

If one uses incomplete data to arrive at conclusions, conclusions will be 
inaccurate.  And if the incomplete data is the result of political bias, and 
a preference for mythology rather than science, then the results can be 
disastrous, as we have seen..  Nature can be disastrous either way, whether 
one puts one's faith in good data or not,  but science and a really free 
press allows for better and more reasonable preparation for adequate warning 
systems --mythology or data suppression is poor preparation.  The tsunami 
could not have been preveneted with any data we now have.  But an adequate 
warning system, even phones, could have prevented the loss of at least 
150,000 lives in Indonesia and environs.

  The Gulf Coast is a different set of convoluted problems.  But phone 
systems and adequate communication were a problem there too, along with a 
generalized unwillingness to acknowledge masses of data sets, not just on 
climate instability.

The information is there on the web. 

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