fungus gnats, Murphy's Oil, coco peat

Linda Foulis
Fri, 27 Jan 2006 20:51:43 PST
Hello All,
Back in November I had received some wonderful info on battling my gnat
issues, from this group.

Still battling by the way, but I am winning!  I've learnt some interesting
stuff in the process.

Arnold Trachtenberg suggested the Murphy's Oil Soap, why didn't I try that
first?  Works incredibly, in fact that is what finally gave me the edge in
the battle.  However do not use it on Abutilon, it promptly died, oops.  It
also had an interesting effect on some of my plants, especially the clivia.
I did the drench about a month ago and now they all have an incredibly
bright sheen to them, almost a high polish.  I only drenched the soil, not
the plant.  My hibiscus and dietes are also showing the glow, they all look
wonderfully healthy.  The price is also right, $2.97 for a 450ml bottle.

I wonder if adding the Murphy's to one's watering procedure every so often
would be such a bad thing, bugs or not, the plants sure seem to have
benefited from it.

I've also started to use the coco peat mixed with vermiculite and perlite to
start seeds.  The gnats do not like it?  And with the layer of granite on
top my gnat issues are just about licked.

Linda Foulis
Okotoks, AB

No Snow!  It will probably snow in July!

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