fungus gnats, BT {correction]

Linda Foulis
Sun, 29 Jan 2006 08:28:07 PST
Hello Kelly and all,
The BTK is indeed for caterpillars and can still be found in Canada.  I used
to be able to buy a product called Vecto-bac which contained the BTI, and it
worked like a charm.  We used it once a month in our watering and never or
rarely had issues with gnats.  Unfortunately, some government official using
their infinite wisdom decided that a person had to be a licensed pesticide
user in order to buy and use the Vecto-bac?  And yet there is malathion on
the nursery shelves??
We can buy Aqua-bac which has the BTI in it, however it is granular and
meant to be sprinkled on top of standing water where the mosquito larvae
will consume it and die.  I was told to soak the Aqua-bac for an hour or so
and then put it in my blender and water from there.  Needless to say that
did not happen, and shaking the granules onto the soil of the plant and
watering in did not seem to work either.

Indeed, prevention is the key in controlling gnats.  I'm still not sure how
effective the bug zapper is, the gnats sit on the ceiling beside it??
They're easy to kill there.

Also diatomaceous (sp?) earth does work, but it is slow.  I did a test bag
and it took 3 1/2 weeks to kill off the gnats and the larvae.  That may also
be more effective as preventative measures rather than fighting the battle.

Now can anyone smuggle some vecto-bac across the border for me?  Just

Linda Foulis
Okotoks, AB

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