Pleione potting mixes

Paul Cumbleton
Tue, 31 Jan 2006 09:35:49 PST
Hi Rodger,
Though I grow many things, I specialise in growing Pleiones and am in the middle of my own repotting - an operation that takes me at least 3 weeks full time!! I use two mixes for Pleiones. For the adult bulbs I use a simple mix of 60% bark and 40% sphagnum moss. The bark is a grade here in the UK simply called potting bark, but is equivalent to what other orchid growers would call medium grade orchid bark. The moss can be live (if you can get it) but I use the dried and baled version. For seedlings and for trickier species I use a mix of 3 parts sphagnum, 2 parts fine grade (=seedling grade) orchid bark and 1 part coarse Perlite. This latter mix can be used for the adults too - the only reason I use the other mix is that it is a little cheaper and this makes a difference when you have hundreds of pots of Pleiones to repot!
Many other mixes are suitable but you have to be more careful with the watering if soil is included. For much more information and lots of photos too see my Pleione Website at I'm always happy to answer Pleione questions.
Paul Cumbleton
Berkshire, UK
Zone 8

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