Mailing Bulbs

Leo A. Martin
Thu, 12 Jan 2006 10:03:25 PST


> 2. ...I've determined that a Priority Mail
> stamp means delivery within 2-6 days.

The Wall Street Journal did a test about two years ago. They mailed
letters and packages from several post offices all over the country to
several destinations using irst-class and Priority Mail.

The first-class letters and packages arrived well before the Priority Mail
in almost every case. First-class typically took 3 days all the way across
the country and 1 day if close to the originating post office.

So, if your package meets 1st class criteria, always send it 1st class
rather than Priority Mail. I can't recall the exact criteria but they
include being under a certain weight. You can find out at the USPS Web


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