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Tue, 31 Jan 2006 07:41:14 PST
Does Ipomea aquatica happen to grow in the Solomon Islands by any chance?    
I used to keep a large colony of Corucia zebrata and have read that Ipomea 
was their preferred food.    No mention was made in the herp literature as 
to which species actually grew there however.

Al Howell in Houston Texas

>    1. Ipomoea aquatica (John Grimshaw)
>    2. Re: Ipomoea aquatica and others (piaba)
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>Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 17:18:19 -0000
>From: "John Grimshaw" <j.grimshaw@virgin.net>
>Subject: [pbs] Ipomoea aquatica
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>I've had the leaves of Ipomoea italica in the Philippines, where it is
>cooked rather like spinach. It grows in ponds with long floating stems on
>the surface, though I expect that it would form a bushy plant if out of
>water or the pond dried up. In East Africa the leaves of sweet potato, I.
>batatas, are eaten in the same way.
>John Grimshaw
>Dr John M. Grimshaw
>Garden Manager, Colesbourne Gardens
>Sycamore Cottage
>Nr Cheltenham
>Gloucestershire GL53 9NP

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