Zephyranthes blooming

Bill Richardson ixia@dcsi.net.au
Thu, 26 Jan 2006 15:36:48 PST
Hi Mary Sue,
Zepheranthes are also flowering here in Gippsland and I have three out at
present. Z. labufferosa (is this correct?) , Z. fosterii which is a
beautiful rosy color, Z. minima, a very small flower. I'm hoping to see more
this year,  as some I have, haven't flowered as yet for me.
Other species flowering are Habranthus which have ermerged in a
Also, the beautiful Cypella coelestus, which goes under a couple of other
names (Phallocallus is one), which is in a pot near my pathway and is
flowering it's head off every day, more blooms coming out. Very spectacular.
Bill Richardson,
Ixia King
Summer 16c-42c. at present
West Gippsland,
Ixia Web
site: http://www.angelfire.com/ri/ixia/

And blooming earlier than it ever has (mid January) is Zephyranthes
atamasco. I know we already have it well pictured on the wiki, but I
couldn't resist adding one more picture since it is such a pretty thing.
Mary Sue

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