Matt Mattus
Thu, 26 Jan 2006 16:19:40 PST
Wow Aaron

We too must be brothers.
I jumped from college to college, to major to major, mostly encouraged to be
a Botany or Floriculture major, then Environmental Science, then the arts
(which I finally graduated with a MFA), but my point is, finding ones
passion is hard enough, then finding ones path through life is another....I
think that it is a terrific gift, to know what excites you and also to find
a career in that field.

I remember back when I was younger (yikes, I am talking like I'm So old!) I
too had a horticultural passion that jumped from one species to another, and
you know what? It still does!. So I guess that your affliction will only get
worse (or better). That's what is so great about being interested in
something. Whether it be cooking, art or plants (or all three) is
indeed good, and rich. So many people are more simple in their
interests..TV.....movies....walks on the beach, (just read a personal ad!).
Gosh, if I wrote a personal ad, it would scare people!.

DO you grow any Lachenalia species? They are a current fav of mine, and are
many other South African Bulbs. I live in Worcester, Massachusetts, which I
guess is similar to Manhattan Kansas in a cultural way, and perhaps
temperature wise!

Great to see that you joined out group.

Well, of to the NARGS Winter Study Weekend in NYC tomorrow morning.

Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA
Zone 5
Cold, 9 inches of new snow and 15 deg. F this evening, (finally)

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