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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sun, 09 Jul 2006 07:31:56 PDT
Jacinda cross posted her message on the Australian list and Rob Hamilton 
reported on that list what Lee Poulsen has said in the past and that is 
that his blooming sized  Tecophilaea increases every year by reproducing 
each year a new corm and two small ones next to it. So that in a very short 
time his initial investment of one expensive bulb paid off in many 
additional bulbs. I purchased bulbs and seed from Bill Dijk in the past and 
have some survivors and eventually some blooms, but never any increasing. 
In my case the number of bulbs I have every year seems to be diminishing.

I felt somewhat better after Lee wrote this in May:
"It is almost embarrassingly easy for me to grow and  multiply the various 
varieties of Tecophilaea cyanocrocus starting  from just one bulb each. I 
treat them virtually identically to how I  treat my Cape Bulbs on an annual 
basis. I've germinated seeds of T.  cyanocrocus a number of times, and I 
germinate and grow them with my
other Cape Bulb seeds that I'm germinating and growing. However,  unlike 
the mature bulbs pots where each fall it seems that each bulb  has added 2 
or more additional offsets, very few to none of my pots  of T. cyanocrocus 
seedlings bother to emerge in the fall/winter even  though their neighbor 
Cape Bulb seedlings return to growth just fine.  The few Tecos that do 
return grow just fine, but then finally  disappear the second summer never 
to be seen again."

There are a lot of people on this list who grow Tecophilaea. What is your 
experience? Do you find it increases well from offsets?

Perhaps it is time for me to try some of Lee's increasing corms to see if 
they behave the same way in Northern California as they do in Southern 

Mary Sue

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