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Hi, Jim,

Thanks for the reply.  I was puzzled by the Carl Hansen Iris introduction,
"Shilka Iris", but didn't think to look in the Iris Check List for this Iris
as a cultivar.  There it is as a cultivar, even though it is a seed strain
with both singles and doubles.  'Shilka', from seed collected Shilka
region,...; form of Iris dichotoma.  So that answers my question.

It must be very hardy.  The Shilka River is east of Lake Baikal.

The catalog has gone into hiding.  When it resurfaces I will try for a scan.
It was difficult to tell much from the illustration other than single and
double flowers.


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> Hi, Fred, I'm glad you ran this one again.
> I've been searching through a variety of circa WWII gardening material in
> search of another reference to orchid iris or Shilka everblooming orchid
> iris.
> So far, nothing has come up. There are hits for Shilka (a town and a river
> in southeastern Russia).
> Does that Hansen catalog give an illustration? If so, can you scan it and
> send it out?
> How exactly is this plant described in the catalog?
> Jim McKenney
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