Perlite substitute?

Tue, 04 Jul 2006 11:43:01 PDT
How about pumice? I have used it for many mixes here in California. The
brand I use is from UNI-GROW?  It comes in two sometimes three grades. Some
batches need sifting, again respiratory precautions necessary. It is a
little heavier but works well for me.

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For years I've used perlite in my bulbs compost, to very good effect.  I use
Supercoarse grade and sieve it to get rid of the fines.  Over the past
couple of years I've noticed a trend towards more fines and less Supercoarse
particles - to the point where, today, I spent 45 minutes sieving 8 cubic
feet of perlite and ended up with less than 50% by volume of sieved material
I can use.  This seems to be a waste of time and energy and a
misrepresentation by the manufacturer of the perlite (Schundler).

Is there anything out there that anyone has practical experience with that I
can substitute directly for the perlite?  I use about 50% perlite in my mix
and don't want to have to learn a whole new watering regime unless I have

Thanks and happy 4th.


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