Spanish iris etc

James Waddick
Fri, 21 Jul 2006 12:18:50 PDT
Dear Jim et al;
	Traditionally Spanish Iris have been selections of I. xiphium PERIOD.
	Likewise, English iris are selections of I. latifolia PERIOD

	But, both of these and other related species* have 
contributed to the  complex of Dutch Iris

	Theoretically there can be NO hybrid English or Spanish Iris, 
by definition these would be Dutch Iris (all hybrids).

	Coincidentally I just received a new highly detail list of 
Iris cv still in draft form, that shows over 40 named Spanish Iris 
cvs. I know some time ago I have seen some of these offered. The 
Dutch bulb wholesale Dix Export is currently offering the named I 
xiphium 'Lusitanica', 4 named I. latifolia' and a host of Dutch 

	Of course the geographical names of the Cultivar Groups has 
almost no relationship with their origins.

	And what you order and what you get are two very distinct things.

	I think you'd have better luck dealing directly with a high 
quality English Bulb Dealer such as Pottertons or similar. Mayube 
other members can make a suggestion.

	Of course you need the right climate too and we discussed the 
difficulties of long term success with Dutch iris in the last year or 
so. Few people succeed.

		Good luck.		Jim W.
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