Hippeastrum breviflorum

Hans-Werner Hammen haweha@hotmail.com
Sun, 02 Jul 2006 13:46:32 PDT
>From: Stephen Putman <putman@pobox.upenn.edu>
>Has anyone been successful in growing and flowering Hipp. breviflorum?

Hello Stephen:

I regret that I do not possess this fine species knight star lily.
Nevertheles, I am absolute sure that no hippeastrum can be reliably grown in 
standing water.
Concluding from my very best experiences, the most recent example being
(2 y seedlings of H.papilio x "Pink Floyd", 75% blooming - one with 3 scapes 
à 4 flowers)
I strongly recommend pure coco fiber substrate (coco peat from dry coco 
Even more perfect with a thick layer of baken clay bullets (Seramis or 
Lecaton) below.
Water but from the bottom, every 2nd -4th  day, with lukewarm water, 
including diluted mineral fertiilzer, rich in potassium, low in phosphorous, 
for example 4.5-3-7.5 at 1 mL/L, and water applying very variable amounts 
according to the actual demand. The uppermost cm's of the substrate should 
remain dry - permanently.
The water transport  through a Seramis layer proceeds slower, but finally no 
water should remain in the soucoupe.

Good luck

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