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Lee Poulsen
Sat, 22 Jul 2006 23:19:10 PDT
On Jul 20, 2006, at 5:58 PM, Jim McKenney wrote:
> The last time I ordered Spanish irises I received English irises, Iris
> latifolia, (the plant long known as Iris xiphioides).

On Jul 22, 2006, at 8:29 AM, Jim McKenney wrote:
> An old group name is available: Xiphion. But that term invites  
> confusion
> with "xiphium".
> How about "Xiphions: the western Mediterranean bulbous irises"?

On Jul 22, 2006, at 8:38 AM, James Waddick wrote:
> The better title should be "Xiphium Iris" because it includes
> the species and the 3 horticultural groups and species who grow
> beyond the political boundaries of Spain proper. It could be cross
> referenced to include the 3 horticultural groups.

On Jul 22, 2006, at 9:29 AM, wrote:
> To recap:
> I. xiphium = Spanish iris
> I. latifolia = I. xiphioides = English iris
> hybrids within the xiphion group = Dutch iris.

Not knowing much about Iris species and group names, but having seen  
the "Spanish," "English," and "Dutch" Irises offered in catalogs over  
the years, I've learned quite a bit from this and earlier discussions  
about this group of irises. (And in fact, a bunch of ordinary blue,  
yellow, and white Dutch Iris I planted in my mother's garden more  
than 25 years ago in central Texas has thrived and increased and  
blooms every year in early spring. I've sent her some of the more  
striking new varieties that have appeared since then to add to her  

So, if I were looking to learn more from what I generally had picked  
up from catalogs and the local nurseries, and based on the above  
excerpted comments, this is what would be for me the most useful way  
to subdivide and title the wiki for this group:

I'd call the separate page "Spanish, English, and Dutch (Xiphium  
group) Irises".

(The Xiphium in parentheses could be instead Xiphion as suggested  
above. I don't see a big  bottom-line difference between the two.)

Then put in three dividing lines with subsection titles on that page  
for Spanish, English, and Dutch Irises. And then put the various  
species, horticultural groups, and hybrids in their proper subgroup  
sections. Also, put in Jim W's (and jlubelover's) succinct summary  
version of each the three after each subsection heading. (Also,  
including Jim McK's and jlubelover's mention of the common synonym  
species name for the English Irises [I. xiphioides], since I had seen  
that one a number of times over the years.)

Mary Sue already has a dividing line separating the Spanish and the  
Dutch Irises on the "Spanish" Iris page.

In the description at the top of the page we could put in a summary  
of the main comments and concerns that have been expressed about this  
group of irises because I think this would be useful to the newly  
interested grower-to-be that might be using the wiki to help them out  
in understanding this group.

If no one else volunteers, I'll make these changes to the wiki. But I  
won't have time to re-do and refine and edit the first cut. Others  
could do that since it's always easier to edit or change something  
that is already there than it is to put the words there in the first  

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena, California, USA, USDA Zone 10a

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