[spam] Re: Wiki pictures used without permission

Susan B honeybunny442@yahoo.com
Sat, 01 Jul 2006 08:17:09 PDT
Hello, I am new to the list, I live in Wisconsin (but
I have been to Seattle, ha ha).  I came over via a
recommendation on the Aroid-L email list.
I grow as many odd and unusual plants as I can without
a greenhouse- a few orchids, many bulbous Aroids, and
many, many Zantedeschia.  I'm hooked on them and am
probably borderline OCD as I feel I must have one of
every named variety!

Anyhow, I just wanted to say that the offending .de
website belongs to a pretty nice guy who has given
away and traded seeds often.  I'm sure he'll take the
photos down ASAP, I think people who "steal" photos
are thinking more along the lines that people (ok,
customers) would like to see what the flowers look
like and he is only using the photos and not stealing

I too, found someone using one of my photos on eBay,
had a meltdown, emailed the offender, sent the proper
forms to eBay, etc.  Nothing was done, of course.
Looking back I wonder why I fussed so much, I started
a web page to show people what Aroids look like, after

I spend a lot of time looking at flower bulbs sales
(breeders, wholesale, and retail)on the internet, I
notice that many use the same photo over and over,
must be some copyright infringement there... you-all
know what I mean- you google a plant image and 50
images come up, 25 are the same, but on different

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