frost tolerant Crinum foliage

Kenneth Hixson
Sun, 23 Jul 2006 20:03:45 PDT
Dear Joe:
>Does anyone know at what point these plants lose their folaige to frost?

         I'm not much help.  Here (western Oregon, Z7/8) all of the
Crinums are frostbitten in winter, and our lows often do not get much
below +20F.  I almost said Crinums are deciduous, but that is
inaccurate, isn't it--they don't lose their leaves, because the leaves
just keep growing.  They stop growing after cold that "bites" the exposed
portions.  They start growing  more leaves (extending the existing leaves)
well before the last frost.
         I'll try to be more observant this winter.

         C. Burgundy has opened one flower.  Plants by the label
"Royal White" have been in bloom for about two weeks, but the flowers
have been pink, so presumably I've mixed the labels with C. x powelii.


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