Berkutenko seeds

Robert Hamilton
Wed, 05 Jul 2006 13:49:39 PDT
Hi  all,

I  participated in a  small group order  for  seeds  which arrived  in 
April 2003.  4 of  8 species  germinated  one of  which was  a gift  - 
this  was Linum komaravii which germinated  immediately . Daphne 
jezoensis , Daphne kamschatica and Polygonatum officialis germinated  
between  18 and  24 months  after sowing.

Cardicrinum glehnii , Dicentra peregrina , Erythronium sibiricum and 
Lilium pumilum didnt germinate.

Overall I  was  quite satisfied to end up  with the  rare Daphne plants.


Rob in Tasmania

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