Plant of the summer, so far./Kniphofia
Wed, 05 Jul 2006 14:52:25 PDT
The plant Aaron praises as K. triangularis (from me) is not.  After I saw
K. triangularis in the wild in South Africa, I realized that what I had
under that name was something else.  Best guess, until it blooms again, is
a nice selection of K. angustifolia.  It came originally from a South
African seed source, but mixups do occur!  At any rate, it's a gorgeous
plant; the photos on the website are of the plants I have; they just aren't
K. triangularis.


Seneca Hill Perennials

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From: aaron floden
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 14:43:16 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [pbs] Plant of the summer, so far./Kniphofia

> What a great
> perennial!  I know it is not a true geophyte but
> Kniphofias are on the list.
> Just when you start to feel a little jaded, what fun
> to find a new treasure!
> Terence Hernstrom

 The Kniphofia are great. I have been surprised by
what has proved hardy here in Z5 Kansas.

 The following have wintered, and all but baurii and
multiflora have flowered;
 sarmentosa (winter grower, but pots of it bloom in
cold frames in January)
 northiae (died in drought, same bed as hirsuta)
 uvaria "border ballet" (blooms all summer)
 parviflora (don't really notice the green flowers)
 triangularis (terracotta from from Ellen
Hornig,lovely in front of a yellow leaved dwarf
 typhoides x caulescens (bloom at same time and
crossed a fews years ago, no blooms yet, distichous
 hirsuta (died in a drought several years back.)
 Buchananii blooms near the end of May and its
delightfully fragrant, sometimes chocolatey. All mine
have bloomed within 13 months from sowing. Baurii is
taking it's sweet time. Triangularis is great and
blooms in late summer when most thins are done.
Caulescens cannot be beat for foilage, but the floral
display is not so great on one plant. The masses of
wild plants are exceptional though.  
 Foliosa, bruceae, alba, and fibrosa were just planted
out this year, so we'll see how they fare. I expect

 All the best, 


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