chocolate scented bulbs

Hilary Nightingale
Thu, 06 Jul 2006 01:51:56 PDT
Thanks for the link Susan B, that looks fun

I wonder whether the scented gladiolus might be what used to be known as
Acidanthera, as they have sweetly scented flowers. The colour and markings
sound similar and are very like a gladiolus to look at. Sorry can't remember
what they are now called...........

Hilary, in (thankfully slightly cooler than it was) SW France
........and we've had some rain :o))

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> Check out
> --- Sheri Ann Richerson
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> > The post on the gladiolus with the chocolate scent
> > makes me want to enquire
> > if there are other bulbs that have chocolate scented
> > foliage or flowers.

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