Wed, 12 Jul 2006 18:08:50 PDT
To All,  Regarding small diameter perlite, I have researched our small town No. Calif. stores. The small package (4-12 quarts) are very small sized in range of 2 mm. The brands are "Premium Unigro" and "Schultz Perlite". "E.B. Stone & Sons" at comes in 4 cu. ft. at about $13-15 and is larger sized at approximately 4-6mm.  Another 4 cu. ft. size at  $13 is "or:///CAL/ Perlite Co." at 2605 Goodrick Ave.  Richmond, Calif. 94801. The size is 4-6 mm. I have used this size perlite for years and it seems large enough to suite me. However when I dish it out of the sack, I either wear a mask or hold my breath because of the dust.. An older more experienced grower said he worried about fluoride affecting the plants, but he kept using it. So far my plants have had no cavities or enamel mottling. I have no opinion how well it works because it is only one component. I like that it makes my pots lighter to carry,   Bob Werra in Ukiah, No. Calif.--Winter wainfall area

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