Cosmos atrosanguinea, was Re: chocolate scented bulbs
Fri, 07 Jul 2006 10:05:41 PDT
On 6 Jul 06, at 11:27, Lee Poulsen quoted the Wikipedia on Cosmos 

> Cosmos atrosanguineus (Chocolate Cosmos) is a species of Cosmos,
> native to Mexico, where it is extinct in the wild. The species was
> introduced into cultivation in 1902, where it survives as a single
> clone reproduced by vegetative propagation.

I look askance at that "extinct in the wild" part and wonder who is 
bold enough to make such a broad statement, unless they've personally 
scouted out Mexico in its entirety.

> However, Fred Boutin says he collected seed of this Cosmos in
> meadows of herbs under tall pines on a hillside in Jalisco, Mexico. 

Which is, I'd think, pretty good counter-evidence.

I hope Fred Boutin is taking steps to get viable seed and spread it 
around; these single-clone plants are prone to succumbing to viral 
infections, though there are counterexamples such as Dahlia 'Bishop 
of Llandaff'.

Another example of supposedly extinct but not quite is Tecophilaea.

Rodger Whitlock
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