hardy Crinums and C. powellii

Jay Yourch JYOURCH@nc.rr.com
Thu, 27 Jul 2006 18:23:23 PDT
Joe Shaw wrote:

>I know of 2 C. x powellii that I  like. One is C. x powellii 'Alba' (or 
>and one is something I got in a trade called 'Nestor's No. 13'.


Please note that 'Nestor's No. 13'  is also known as 'Nestor's Pink' and 
'Imperial Guard'.  'Imperial Guard' is what I am call it on the PBS Wiki 
Crinum Hybrids page.

'Imperial Guard' is also on the list of C. x powellii I recommended here:


There is an attractive hybrid named 'Norma Justine' made by Dave Lehmiller 
that is reliably seed fertile.  It is a backcross of a C. x powellii onto C. 
bulbispermum.  'Cecil Houdyshel' occasionally sets seed, but not often 
enough that I would call it reliable.



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